Fireplace Heater lineup

FH Fireplace Heater

Fireplace heater for wood burning fireplaces.

  • The Fireplace Heater for  wood burning fireplaces was developed to dramatically increase  convection heat (hot air) coming from the fireplace. The unque design  super heats the air within the exchanger tubes to over 500 degrease.  

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Spitfire Fireplace Heater

Spitfire fireplace heater for the fireplace either wood or gas logs.

  • The Spitfire  Wood or Gas  Log Hearth Heater is made to fit most fireplaces. The exchanger is a  low profile design and takes its heat from the core of the fire. The  Spitfire can be installed in no time and exchanging hot air into the home.

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Emberair Hearth Heater

Emberaire hearth heater for wood burning fireplaces

  • The Emberaire Wood or Gas Log Hearth Heater is made to fit most fireplaces and can be used with  most fireplace glass doors. The exchanger tube is made from a Titanium Alloy for a  very long life. The Emberaire can be installed with the cord on the  left or right can deliver up to 28,000 BTUs. 

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